Our Team

Our Team



Regional Director - East Midlands Region

Wayne Staley

Email: wayne.staley@motuscommercials.co.uk



Head of Truck Sales - East Midlands Region

Ian Wakefield

Email: ian.wakefield@motuscommercials.co.uk



Head of Parts Sales - East Midlands Region

Jason Simms

Email: jason.simms@motuscommercials.co.uk



Service Manager

Shaun Condliffe

Email: shaun.condliffe@motuscommercials.co.uk



Area Sales Manager

Derek Gaunt

Email: derek.gaunt@motuscommercials.co.uk



Truck Sales Executive

Richard Byard

Email: richard.byard@motuscommercials.co.uk



Truck Sales Executive

Joe Hollins

Email: joe.hollins@motuscommercials.co.uk



Parts Sales Representative

Glyn Renolds

Email: glyn.renolds@motuscommercials.co.uk